A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Toy Wars pits two hot-seated players against each other in a turn-based PvP combat environment. Both players have their own set of Toy Soldiers and must use them to destroy either their opponents Soldiers, or their Teddy Bear.

Toy Wars was a 3 month long project, developed by 6 game developers under the tutelage of Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE).  Any and all feedback would be appreciated as we are eager to improve our skills so we can provide an enjoyable experience for all of our players.

Enjoy the cuteness!


WASD or Arrows: Moves your soldier.

Left Mouse Button: Click and hold to power and fire selected soldier's weapon.

Mouse Pointer: For aiming your soldier's weapon.

No. 1 Key: Changes your soldier's weapon to RPG.

No. 2 Key: Changes your soldier's weapon to Grenade.

P or ESC: Pauses the game.

Install instructions

  • Download the file.
  • Unzip "Toy Wars.zip"  to a destination of your choosing.
  • Open "Toy Wars"
  • For PC run "Gold Build (v1.1).exe"
    • Create a shortcut by Right Clicking "Gold Build (v1.1).exe"
    • Click "Create shortcut"
    • Move "Gold Build (v1.1).exe - Shortcut" to wherever you wish.
  • For Mac run "Toy War.app"
    • Create an Alias by Right Clicking "Toy Wars.app"
    • Click "Make Alias"
    • Move "Toy Wars.app - Alias" to wherever you wish.

Do not delete or edit "Gold Build (v1.1)_Data". Doing so WILL break the game.


ToyWars-Win.zip 82 MB
ToyWars-Mac.zip 86 MB


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i have a complaint aswell...    the shooting time is delayed but everything els is amasing

Good game, very easy to pick up and understand. My only two complaints I have after a short amount of time are that the sprites in the environment have a white lining around them (I don't know if this is a reoccuring error or just something on my end). The other complaint I have is that there was no tutorial, although the controls were easy to understand with no explaination I do think it would have been nice to see a quick overlay explaining the controls.